Caribbean Room With a View: Grenada’s Laluna Resort

Above: a Cottage Suite (Photos: Laluna)

IT’S ALMOST ALWAYS the first thing we do when we get to a hotel room in the Caribbean. We head out to the balcony (if there is one, of course) and look at the view.

So Caribbean Journal Travel’s newest feature, Caribbean Room With a View, will try to bring you that experience, taking a regular a look at unique hotel rooms across the Caribbean region.

For the inaugural edition, we take a look at a Cottage Suite at Grenada’s Laluna Resort (pictured above). What makes the property’s Cottage Suites special? For starters, each one has its own private plunge pool (pictured above).

Above: a bedroom at a Cottage Suite

Laluna, the 16-unit boutique property, opened on a private hillside above Portici Beach in Grenada in 2000. It’s the brainchild of famed Italian film director Bernardo Bertolucci.

Enjoy the view. — CJ

Above: Portici Beach


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