Brazil, Guyana Hold Discussions on Potential Coast Guard Partnership


Above: President Donald Ramotar meets Brazilian Vice Admiral Ademir Sobrinho, joined by Brazilian Ambassador to Guyana Luiz Seixas De Andrade (left)


By the Caribbean Journal staff


Brazilian Vice Admiral Ademir Sobrinho recently made his first visit to neighbouring Guyana, holding discussions with Guyana President Donald Ramotar on areas of potential cooperation.


The two sides talked about strengthening ties between the Brazilian Navy and the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard, along with Brazil’s potential supporting Guyana in the areas of marine transport in hinterland communities, medivac and health care.


Brazil has previously provided training for Guyanese offiers. In 2009, Brazil trained 11 officers of the GDF in a 16-week programme on coast guard operations.


Two initiatives currently being broached include maintenance support for GDF coast guard vessels and qualifying GDF crews, according to a government release.


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