Haiti Continues Hotel Training in Cap-Haitien Ahead of National Carnival


Above: participants in the latest hotel training session in Cap-Haitien (Photo: MT Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti’s Tourism Ministry continued its push to improve the quality of hotel service in the country with a 10-day training session for 293 hotel employees in Cap-Haitien, ahead of the national carnival to be held in the city.

The carnival in Cap-Haitien begins Feb. 10.

The session, which targeted young employees in the city’s hotel sector, is part of what Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin calls an educational policy to “provide a better product to tourists” visiting the north of the country.

Due to increased demand, Haiti is allowing private home owners to rent out a total of around 1,000 rooms as guest houses for carnival tourists, following property evaluations by the tourism ministry’s northern regional office.

Some of these owners also participated in the training, the Ministry said.

On that front, training focused on hygiene, security, dialogue and respect, the Ministry said.

A similar training session was recently held for more than 300 young hotel employees in Haiti’s southern department.


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