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Bahamas Airs Super Bowl Ad Featuring Rick Fox and David Copperfield

By the Caribbean Journal staff

While a Jamaican-accented Volkswagen commercial received much of the attention in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, the Bahamas unveiled a tourism commercial after halftime.

The multimillion-dollar spot, which featured former Los Angeles Lakers star Rick Fox, who grew up in the Bahamas, and illusionist David Copperfield, was called “Behold.” Also featured was Bahamian model Shakara Ledard.

Copperfield owns his own island, Musha Cay, which includes a private resort.

“Behold, sand so soft every step is like a stroll among the clouds,” the narrator says in the spot. “Behold, water so blue it seems to merge with the sky above.”

It focused on a small seaplane flying over the Atlantic and the islands of the Bahamas, finishing with an image of young Bahamians greeting the plane as it touches down.

“Behold smiles so wide they seem to stretch from the top of Little Abaco to the base of Great Inagua,” the narrator says. “Behold, the Islands of the Bahamas.”

Notably, the spot focuses not on Nassau and Paradise Island, the bread and butter of the country’s tourism industry, but the smaller Out Islands, or, as they’re known within the country, the Family Islands.

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