Montserrat’s Search for a National Song


Above: Montserrat

By the Caribbean Journal staff

In 1992, three years before the island’s devastating volcanic eruption, Montserrat’s government began its National Song Search, looking for a song that would be recognized by Montserratians on a national level.

Now, Montserrat’s government has relaunched the plan, with the goal of finding something original, something that reflects Montserrat’s culture, traditions, visions and history.

The search is open to both Montserratians and “friends of Montserrat.”

After an official launch next week, the government will close the deadline for submissions May 30, with the ultimate winner being chosen Aug. 3 after a “finalists showcase” in late June.

The government said the first prize winner will receive $6,500.

The song will be used in a “wide array of contexts,” including festivals, sporting events, churches, school assemblies and other fora.

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