Trinidad and Tobago Leads Caribbean in Exports of Goods to EU


Above: Port of Spain

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The European Union imports more goods from Trinidad and Tobago than any other country in the Caribbean, according to data released by the EU.

The numbers were released to coincide with the CELAC-EU Summit in Santiago this week.

The EU’s 27 member states imported 1.16 billion Euros worth of goods from Trinidad from January to September of 2012, or about $1.55 billion USD.

That represented a sharp decline from the same period in 2011, however, when the EU imported almost $2.18 billion in goods from Trinidad.

Within the region, Cuba was the second-largest source of Caribbean goods to the EU market, with just under $800 million USD in exports to the EU.

Cuba was the Caribbean’s largest importer of goods from the European Union, with $1.6 billion in trade.

As for the trade in services, the Dominican Republic is the largest exporter to the EU.


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