The CJ Cool List – the Caribbean’s 10 Coolest Hotels for 2013

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The Caribbean is not short on terrific hotels. Every island — every destination — has a range of interesting, original, luxurious properties sure to satisfy any traveler to the region. But this year, we wanted to offer our take on 10 hotels worth visiting in 2013. To be sure, not every country is represented, and some have more than one on the list. And there are, of course, many great hotels that didn’t make it. But we felt that these properties represented the wonderful diversity of product that makes Caribbean travel unique. From five-star beachfront resorts to boutique jewels, from brand-new hotels to seasoned veterans, these are the Caribbean’s 10 coolest hotels for 2013, in no particular order. See you there. — CJ

Secret Bay – Dominica

Secret Bay is the smallest property on our list. With just four units – two bungalows and two large villas, the property near Dominica’s northern tip boasts the country’s most spectacular views. Secret Bay began as a labour of love for developer Gregor Nassief, who grew up in Dominica, dreaming of one day owning the land near Dominica’s magical bay. And now, after launching in 2011, he has created a gem, offering an ultra-luxurious outpost in one of the Caribbean’s best-kept travel secrets. So what makes Secret Bay cool? Well, many boutique properties offer the promise of removal, of a break from reality. Secret Bay delivers.

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