Turning Haiti into HaEATi


Above: Jose Andres in Haiti (Photo: MT Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

World-renowned Spanish Chef Jose Andres has begun a series of video features on the gastronomy of Haiti, and he’s now released the first taste of his work.

The video, dubbed “HaEATi,” is the first of a group of features he’s producing in partnership with Haiti’s Tourism Ministry and filmed by the What Took You So Long Foundation.

“I came to Haiti three years ago right after the earthquake, and I [fell] in love with this country,” Andres says in the feature. “It’s a fascinating country with very unique people, great history, and amazing food.”

Andres’ trip to Haiti this week week, first reported by Caribbean Journal, featured meetings with President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin.

“I want to show you Haiti under a new window,” he tells viewers. “Life is good in Haiti.”