In Martinique, the Art of St Lucia


Above: Saint-Pierre, Martinique (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

St Lucia’s Consulate in Martinique has launched a new programme to help local artists to share their creative talents.

The progamme, which was launched to coincide with National Day celebrations, is designed to promote “creative exchange” between Martinique and St Lucia, aiming to develop a “new generation” of artistics ambassadors.

“We can look at all dimensions but the most important thing is that we are building trust and partnership,” said Evestus Augustine, president of the St Lucia-Martinique Association. “Martinique is a very large market, and I believe if we put our best foot forward and demonstrate who we are, the talents that we have, then we, as ambassadors, can continue to have that flag flying high with pride and dignity.”

A number of St Lucian artists recently traveled to Martinique to perform, from Ricky T and Mongsta to Trish and Ambi.

“It can only accrue to the benefit of Saint Lucia and the investment that the government is doing,” Augustine said.


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