Government Offices in Montserrat Targeted in Suspected Firebomb Attack


Above: the government buildings following the suspected attack

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Several government offices in Montserrat have been closed after a suspected firebomb attack on the main compound in Brades, the government announced.

The decision to close the Human Resources Management Unit, the Treasury, Post Office, Customs, Inland Revenue, Health & Community Services, Education and Magistrates Courts was taken following the fire, which occurred in the early morning on Monday, according to the office of the Deputy Governor.

The Royal Montserrat Police Force is currently investigating two separate scenes of a fire, which is suspected to be an arson attack.

“RMPS officers discovered the fires while on routine patrol early Monday morning. Officers responded immediately by alerting the Fire Department,” said Acting Commissioner of Police Bradley Siddell. “The preliminary investigation has revealed that both the Magistrate Court and High Court appear to have been “fire bombed” during the early morning hours of December 3rd.”
The Magistrate Court will reconvene at an alternate location this week.

“It appears that an accelerant was thrown into each building,” he said. “Moderate damage occurred which has resulted in the closing of the Magistrate Court for today’s session. The High Court is presently adjourned.

While the investigation continues, no one is yet in custody and no charges have been filed, he said.

The offices were expected to reopen Tuesday.

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