Rum Journal: From St Lucia, an Old Fashioned Fit for a Chairman


Above: St Lucia

St Lucia may be best known for its Pitons (above), which form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it also produces some of the most interesting rums in the Caribbean.

One of them is Chairman’s Reserve, which was founded, naturally, by the chairman of St Lucia Distillers, in the Roseau Valley Distillery.

The rum is a blend of six different rums aged for an average of five years.

But the company has a unique take on a classic cocktail usually made with whiskey or brandy.

Straight out of St Lucia, courtesy of Chairman’s Reserve, here is the recipe for a Chairman’s Old Fashioned:


2 oz Chairman’s Reserve Rum
1/4 oz Simple Syrup
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Citrus Peel (preferably orange)


In a rock glass, add simple syrup followed by dashes of bitter. Add orange peel to mixture and press lightly in a glass (with muddler) to release citrus oils.

Add Chairman’s Reserve Rum. Stir to combine. Add large ice cubes. Continue to stir.

— CJ


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