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Turks and Caicos Government Assigns Ministerial Portfolios

Above: Turks and Caicos Premier

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Portfolios have officially been assigned to the Turks and Caicos’ new Ministers, Governor Ric Todd announced Friday.

In accordance with the advice of Premier Dr Rufus Ewing, the Governor has sworn in the new members to the following ministerial responsibilities:

Premier, with responsibility for Investment and Trade – Dr Rufus Washington Ewing

·         Deputy Premier and Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture – Akierra Mary Deanne Missick
·         Ministry of Finance and Tourism – Mr Charles Washington Misick
·         Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs – Porsha Monique Stubbs-Smith
·         Ministry of Health and Human Services (Gender Affairs, Social Services) – Amanda Anisha Misick
·         Ministry of Border Control and Labour – Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner
·         Government Support Services – George Alexander Lightbourne

The House of Assembly recall and inauguration will take place on Nov. 28, with the next Cabinet meeting on Nov. 29.

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