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Cayman Islands Ranked Third-Best Location for Expats in HSBC Survey

Above: Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Cayman Islands is the third-best location for expatriates in the world, according to a recently-released survey from Jersey-based HSBC Expat.

Cayman finished third behind Singapore and Thailand, and just ahead of Bermuda and Hong Kong, and finished with the top rankings for overall experience, setting up and quality of life.

“The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2012 really only confirms what we in the Cayman Islands already know: that the Cayman Islands is indeed an excellent location in which to live and work,” said Richard Coles, chairman of Cayman Finance. “We are delighted that this fact has been officially recognized by this in-depth study.”

The survey examined all aspects of expat life, from how well they integrate to local communities and their quality of life.

“To reach the top spot in so many criteria is a huge achievement for the Cayman Islands, especially as the jurisdiction beat some of the choice location for expatriates around the world,” Coles said.

The survey ran from May 11 to July 3, with expats from 97 countries taking part.

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