Guyana’s Assembly Confirms Order to Remove Taxes on Green Energy Devices


Above: a solar panel finding its way home in Guyana

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Guyana’s National Assembly has unanimously approved an amendment to remove VAT and duties from green energy devices.

The Customs Duties Amendment Order was presented by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh this week.

It creates a zero-rating of VAT on renewable energy sources, along with the removal of customs duty on machinery and equipment related to renewable energy sources like solar panels, solar refrigerators and energy-efficient lighting, among other items.

“We hope that the removal of taxes on these items which are so essential to our agenda for promoting energy efficiency and indeed for encouraging behavioural changes as it relates to energy consumption, more businesses and more households will recognize the merits from migrating from less efficient devices to more efficient ones,” Singh said.

The move is part of the government’s Low-Carbon Development Strategy, which has in part seen the rollout of solar technology to Guyana’s more rural and particularly Amerindian communities.