UK Team in Montserrat to Review Strategic Growth Programme


Above: Little Bay

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A team from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development is in Montserrat to examine whether has Montserrat has met its six-month milestones in the Strategic Growth Programme.

The move comes after Premier Reuben Meade signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the DFID in May that linked future aid to a series of reform milestones.

“DFID is very keen that the reform process is taken as seriously as any other investment,” said the DFID’s Tom Kelly. “The new Secretary of State in charge of DFID Justine Greening is very keen on value for money.”

Earlier this week, the Montserrat Development Corporation presented its plans for a new town in Little Bay; officials also discussed the government’s investment policy.

Further sessions have included tax and immigration policy, along with environmental management.

The reforms included in the MOU include a streamlined tax administration system, an overhauled immigration and land acquisition policy and legislation for environmental management, among others.

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