Haiti’s Martelly Unveils Road Rehabilitation Project in Petit-Goave


Above: the new stretch of road near Petit-Goave (Photo: OP Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti President Michel Martelly, joined by United States Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White, inaugurated a newly-completed road works project in Petit-Goave this week.

The project, which was funded by USAID, cost $1.49 million, or approximately $62.5 million gourdes), and covered a 1.25 km stretch of road that is one of the city’s busiest.

Martelly and White were joined at the inauguration ceremony by Gonzague Day, the departmental delegate for Haiti’s western region, along with several lawmakers.

The two also opened another section of road built by Haiti’s Ministry of Public Works linking to the country’s National Highway 2.

Martelly, speaking to residents of Petite-Goave, said another infrastructure project, the construction of the city’s wharf, would soon begin as well.

Highway Number 2 was the scene of a deadly crash near Petit-Goave at the height of Morne Tapion in April.

That crash, caused when a truck overturned, killed 27 people.