Grenada Establishes Diplomatic Relations With Latvia


Above: Ambassadors Dessima Williams and Normans Penke

By Michael Bascombe

NEW YORK — Grenada has formally established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Latvia.

A Joint Communiqué on establishing diplomatic relations between both countries was signed in New York Wednesday.

Permanent Representatives to the United Nations Ambassadors Dessima Williams and Normans Penke signed on behalf of the govenments of Grenada and the Republic of Latvia respectively.

“The Republic of Latvia and Grenada, with the purpose to promote mutual understanding and strengthen the friendship and cooperation among their two peoples, and on the basis of the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and international law, have decided to establish diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level,” the communiqué read.

The ambassadors discussed economic and cultural development of both countries and the possibilities for further cooperation in other areas including tourism.

Ambassador Williams and her Latvian counterpart also discussed the possibility of a visit in February 2013 by a Latvian delegation to coincide with Grenada’s Independence anniversary.

The diplomats agreed to actively explore cooperation between both countries including cultural exchanges.

Ambassador Penke reiterated Latvia’s interest in developing bilateral economic cooperation as well.

“We are open for co-operation. At the UN, we are at your disposal for assistance,” he said.