Largest Coral Reef Research Facility in United States Set to Open in Florida


Above: the new coral reef research facility at Nova Southeastern University (Photo: NSU)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Nova Southeastern University in Florida will soon debut a $50 million facility that will be the largest coral reef research centre in the United States.

The 86,000-square-foot project, which will open on Sept. 27, will include research by NSU scientists on local, national and global issues. It is located within the university’s Oceanographic Centre at John U Lloyd Beach State Park in the city of Dania.

“By opening this state-of-the-art facility, NSU is taking a leadership role in Florida’s marine science research and helping boost an important multi-billion-dollar coral industry that employs thousands of South Floridians and sustains many small businesses,” said NSU President Dr George L Hanbury II. “The centre is critical for the environmental sustainability of coral reefs, which are the life-blood of our region and oceans.”

The centre will be the only research facility in the United States devoted to coral reef ecosystems research.

“This centre is a boon to NSU’s multi-disciplinary research mission as well as being a catalyst for the creation of hundreds of new jobs in the region, both academic and non,” he said.

The facility’s research will look at issues ranging from the health of coral reefs and their ability to recover from damage to the molecular biology of reef animals.


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