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Antigua’s Benna Boys Fall, Guyana Draws in World Cup Qualifying

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Antigua’s Benna Boys fell by a score of 3-1 Friday in a World Cup qualifying match with Guatemala.

While Antigua got out to an early lead thanks to Peter Byers’ goal in the 39th minute, it was all Guatemala for the remainder of the match.

Guatemala’s Carlos Ruiz scored in the 60th minute, while countrymen Carlos Ruiz and Dwight Pezzarossi scored in the 78th and 90th minutes, respectively.

Guatemala’s Luis Rodriguez received a yellow card, while Antigua goalie Molvin James was handed a red card, replaced by Keita Decastro.

Antigua is fourth in Group A with one point.

Also in qualifying play, Guyana drew 2-2 with El Salvador, helped by two goals from Treyon Bobb.

Guyana had lost its previous three games in qualifying play. It is fourth in Group B with one point.

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