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Former Grenada Tourism Minister Urges Government on New Approach

Above: Grenada MP Peter David

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada Member of Parliament Peter David, who resigned as the country’s tourism minister at the end of April, is urging the country’s government on a new approach.

David’s departure was followed by the May resignation of another cabinet member, Foreign Minister Karl Hood. He had previously served as the country’s foreign minister as well.

“I had always argued, when I was foreign minister, that we’re supposed to be following a more nationalistic foreign policy,” he said. “By that, I mean a foreign policy that benefits our country. We’re supposed to be pursuing a more pragmatic foreign policy.”

David said that having done so would have put Grenada “in a situation where there would have been much more assistance forthcoming from several countries throughout the world.”

David, a member of Grenada’s ruling National Democratic Congress party, said the country needed to have “some kind of national discussion about the way forward; not just a partisan, tribal discussion of one party over another.”

“I would like to see a national discussion where all parties and other stakeholders, including civic groups, get involved, so that we can find not just some short-term infusion of funds, but some new direction for this country, so that we can have a permanent solution to what I believe are serious economic problems,” he said.

Grenada’s recent political turmoil was highlighted by Hood’s filing of a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Tillman Thomas last month.

That came after Thomas defeated a similar no-confidence vote in May.

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