Grenada and Japan Hold Talks on Renewable Energy, Environment


Above: Grenada Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and Japanese Ambassador to Grenada Yoshimasa Tezuka (Photo: OPM Grenada)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada Prime Minister Tillman Thomas welcomed Japan’s new Ambassador to Grenada, Yoshimasa Tezuka, for talks following the presentation of his credentials in St George’s Tuesday.

The two sides discussed strengthening relations between the two countries, along with Grenada’s desire for assistance in the areas of renewable energy and the environment.

Grenada is particularly interest in help in protecting the island’s ecosystem at Bathway in St Patrick, according to Thomas.

On the energy front, Thomas said Grenada sought Japan’s help in obtaining the “relevant technology” to harness green fuels such as wind and solar power.

“We are well-positioned to access clean, renewable energy from the wind and the sun, however we lack the relevant technology that will enable us to utilize these elements to meet our energy needs,” Thomas said. “We know that Japan has the technology and this can be a significant benefit to us.”

In St Patrick, Grenada’s government is looking to rebuild a sandstone reef system at Bathway. A feasibility study on that project is currently underway.

The Japanese envoy also took time to congratulate Grenada on its Olympic gold medal won by newly-crowned superstar Kirani James.


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