Grenada’s Medal Leads the World


Above: Kirani James

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada leads the world in Olympic medals — when population is considered.

On a per-capita basis, Grenada leads the entire world in Olympic glory in London this summer, according to the Web site Medals Per Capita. It is followed by Jamaica.

Grenada, which has a population of 110,821 people per medal. Jamaica has won a medal for every 300,647 people in the country.

Third is New Zealand, which has won a medal for every 369,385 inhabitants.

Another Caribbean country, Trinidad and Tobago, comes in at 18th on the list.

India is the lowest-ranked country of any that won a medal in the Games, with one medal for every 310,372,990 people.

Grenada won its first-ever medal — a gold — thanks to newly-arrived superstar Kirani James, the first Caribbean sprinter to ever win the 400m.

James’ success has sent Grenada into euphoria — and brought the country’s athletic profile to the top of the international stage.

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