Haiti Celebrates Carnival of Flowers


Above: the Carnival of Flowers in Haiti ({Photos: OP and MT Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti is celebrating its summertime “Carnival of Flowers,” a three-day celebration marked by a two-day national holiday.

The celebration is aimed at showcasing Haiti’s culture — and its flora. (Haiti has recently begun using the hibiscus, the country’s national flower, as part of a re-energized tourism campaign).

Haiti’s government has declared a national holiday for the fete, beginning at noon Monday and lasting through the day of July 31.

The festivities began Sunday with a procession of the “queens” of the Carnival of Flowers.

“The Carnival of Flowers is a great battle to put [Haiti’s] tourism industry back on track,” Martelly said in a statement. ”

The event was organized by Haiti’s National Carnival Committee. Just over $820,000 was allocated for the event, according to a statement from Haiti’s government.

It is the third major carnival held in the country this year, following large-scale celebrations in Jacmel and Les Cayes.