Haiti’s Sophia Martelly, in Washington, Urges Regional AIDS Response


Above: Sophia Martelly (right) in Washington (Photo: OFL)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti First Lady Sophia Martelly arrived in Washington Monday to attend the 19th International AIDS Conference.

Martelly, who is being hosted in Washington by Haiti Ambassador to the United States Paul Altidor, highlighted the importance of “fair treatment and respect” for infected persons and migrants in the Caribbean.

The First Lady urged the importance of a regional strategic framework in the Caribbean’s response to AIDS.

“We must act, holding hands, through an effective and efficient partnership,” she said.

Martelly, in the presence of members of the Multisectoral Coordination Committee and other Haitian health care professionals, noted what she called the “significant” efforts by the Caribbean region to combat the AIDS epidemic.

She also called attention to Haiti’s progress in the prevention and care of the disease.

“We all benefit by adopting a supportive approach,” Martelly said.

She was continuing what she said was her “renewed commitment” to eliminating the transmission of HIV, particularly from mother to child, and raising awareness of the issues of equity and human rights in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.


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