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Haiti’s Martelly Visits Caracol Park

Above: Haiti President Michel Martelly at the park

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti President Michel Martelly visited the the town of Caracol in northern Haiti on Tuesday.

The visit was highlighted by a trip to the construction site housing for employees of companies in Caracol’s high-profile Industrial Park.

Martelly was joined on the trip by US Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten, Cheryl Mills, Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and newly-appointed US Ambassador to Haiti Tom Adams.

The park, which broke ground in November, is one of the largest and most modern in the Caribbean.

SAE-A is investing $78 million to develop operations at the park, and has committed to hiring at least 20,000 Haitians. The US government has also committed funding to build infrastructure and housing in the area.

The IDB provided $55 million for the initial phase of construction on the project.

Martelly’s visit to the construction site included talks with Harold Charles, the president of CEEPCO, a construction company working on the project.

The Head of State also visited the 10-megawatt power plant that is providing electricity to the Caracol park.

Martelly also met with Peintures Caraibes, the Haiti-based company that was the second tenant to sign on at the park.

“The excitement for the development in the North is tangible,” he said. “There is a sense of progress and the promise of a better tomorrow.”

Martelly said it was critical that Haitians invest in their country, and said he was delighted that the company would be part of what he called an “economic awakening” in Haiti’s northern region.

Haiti’s leader also held talks with Korean clothing manufacturer SAE-A Trading Company, Ltd, which was the park’s first tenant.

He had what were described as “fruitful” exchanges with SAE-A employees, and commended them for their “courage.”

Martelly said he renewed his commitment to encourage investment in Haiti.

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