Rum Journal: A Refreshing Cocktail from Aruba’s Bucuti & Tara

The finished product

There’s nothing pleasant about “sand in your shorts” unless Marina Perez is mixing up a cocktail of the same name at Aruba’s Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts. Originally created upon the request of an exceptionally sandy guest, fresh off of Eagle Beach, this refreshing drink recipe provides a sweet taste of the islands.

Marina Perez

Marina has always been known for her friendly nature and has been a beloved bartender at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts for 10 years. Prior to joining Bucuti, she worked as a tour guide for island tours and as a bartender at a timeshare resort on the island.

“I love having the opportunity to meet and interact with so many different people as a bartender here at Bucuti,” Perez tells Rum Journal. “Whether it’s a bride and groom celebrating their wedding or a couple toasting a special anniversary I enjoy being a part of the special moment with them and try to create the perfect drink to go along with it.”

Her Sand in Your Shorts cocktail includes the following:

– 1 oz. Malibu rum
– 3/4 oz. Creme de Cacao white
– 1/2 oz. Coconut cream
– 1/4 to 1/2 oz. Island Oasis vanilla ice cream base
– Ice

Instructions: Blend all ingredients; for best results, use a high-grade blender. Optionally, garnish with a cherry.

— CJ

The finished product

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