Cayman Issues Travel Advisory for Cuba, Citing Cholera Outbreak


Above: Cayman Brac

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Cayman Islands has issued a travel advisory concerning Cuba following a cholera outbreak in that country, according to Cayman’s Public Health Department.

The advisory, issued by Cayman’s Medical Officer of Health Dr Kiran Kumar, recommends travel to Cuba only an essential basis.

Cayman is a frequent destination of Cuban refugees.

“We advise that residents travel to Cuba only when necessary,” Kumar said. “If you have to go, take vital precautions such as ensuring hygienic food preparation, boiling or purifying all water and washing hands often with soap and clean water.”

Kumar also recommended that travelers to Cuba bring an “ample supply” of oral rehydration salts.

“The chances of importation of cholera into Cayman are limited, and, even if it occurs, our excellent sanitation and safe water will prevent its spread,” Kumar said. “In addition, we have adequate facilities and drugs to manage any cases should importation occur.”

Cholera is an acute intestinal infection caused by ingesting contaminated food or water containing the cholera bacterium.

An outbreak in Haiti has killed thousands, and the outbreak of Cholera, the first reported in Cuba in decades, was reported last week.

It has claimed the lives of at least 15 people in Cuba thus far, according to a Miami Herald report.

The outbreak’s origin is still unknown.

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