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St Lucia’s Marine Security Gets US Boost

By the Caribbean Journal staff

New United States Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean Larry Palmer visited St Lucia this week, part of what the two countries hope is a closer diplomatic relationship.

St Lucia Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony welcomed Palmer, who has already made visits to several of the countries within his diplomatic portfolio.

The visit was highlighted by the handing- over two new marine vessels and a heavy-duty truck to St Lucia.

Ambassador Larry Palmer

“There are two responsibilities for us,” Anthony said. “Protect very jealously our little island on the one hand, and secondly, partner with countries close by so that we could maximize the security that is so vital to our future development.”

The two vessels are the PO10 and the PO11.

“As I indicated, this closeness is important for other reasons, and these reasons are for the very protection of our economy and our economic survival for the future.”

Palmer said the two countries’ partnership was “underscored by the cooperative working relationship between the Royal St Lucia Police Force and especially its marine unit.”

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