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Dominica and France Sign Agreement to Finance Airport Road Project

Above: Dominica

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The governments of Dominica and France have signed a $12.6 million loan agreement aimed at financing the second phase of Lot Two of Dominica’s Airport Road Rehabilitation Project.

The project is one of the largest infrastructural projects in Dominica.

“The government that I lead has made the point of duty of ensuring that all infrastructure required to make Dominica more competitive will be addressed,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said at the signing ceremony.

The road project was initially designed as one lot from Canefield to Meville Hall Airport; the need for additional work and a higher cost of construction led to the project’s division into two lots, the first of which has already been completed.

Its second phase includes the rehabilitation and reconstruction of bridges.

“There are aspects of the works done as part of the ongoing phase which were not anticipated, and which will be funded with the resources from this loan,” Skerrit said. “We are indeed grateful to the government of France for this facility and for offering us concessional terms.”

The funding was obtained through the French Agency for Development.

French Ambassador to Dominica Michel Prom said AFD was “deeply involved” in Dominica.

“That shows a partnership of mutual confidence between our two countries and particularly the confidence granted to the AFD,” Prom said. “We share, in fact, the same view that this project is very important for Dominica and for regional cooperation.”

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