President of Jamaica’s G2K, Delano Seiveright, to Step Down Next Month


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Delano Seiveright, the president of the Jamaica Labour Party’s G2K young professional organization, will vacate office next month.

In an email to supporters, Seiveright said he had confided the plan to several members of the group in November, following his election to a third consecutive term.

“I decided to vacate office due to developments in my personal life, the fact that no G2K president has ever gone beyond three terms and my own belief that no one should,” he said.

A transition team headed by Vice President Matthew Samuda has been established, according to Seiveright.

In his email, Seiveright urged supporters not to allow anyone or any interest group to “silence or trounce our stridency on issues of national importance.”

“For no fault of our generation and, as has been revalidated over the past five months, the very composition of vocal segments of Jamaica’s Establishment, Media, Civil Society and other critical societal groupings are politically lop-sided, intellectually dishonest and excessively hypocritical,” he said. “Their impact on public opinion cannot be overlooked and must be faced up to. It should come as no surprised that the JLP has only managed to win two general elections over the last 40 years.”

Seiveright will officially demote office June 1.

“Jamaica has suffered immensely from poor leadership and is in for rough times ahead, no matter the hunky dory feeling that some are keen to deceptively project,” he said. “As future leaders, we will have to buckle down, further develop ourselves with the acumen, resolve and fortitude required for effective 21st century leadership and see to it that our generation leads a truly good government that takes charge and leads our country to true success.”


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