Nevis, Vatican Officials to Collaborate on Youth Development Project


Above: Culture Minister Hensley Daniel, Vatican Ambassador Nicola Girasoli and Bishop Kenneth Richards

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Officials from the Nevis Island Administration and the Vatican are planning to collaborate on a youth development project.

The announcement was made following a courtesy call by new Vatican Ambassador to St Kitts and Nevis Nicola Girasoli this week.

“I was very pleased because our meeting was not only protocol, but indeed we shared some common paths where we can really work in partnership, because the Holy See and the Vatican of course focus a lot on the youth and, of course, in education,” said Hensley Daniel, who was Acting Premier during the visit. “This is is something that could find us in good collaboration and in partnership.”

Girasoli is based in Trinidad and Tobago. Hensley is the country’s Minister of Culture.

“We are ready to strengthen our relationship, because the Holy See and the Vatican and the Federation have a long history of diplomatic relations,” Daniel said. “This new view of focusing on really giving the young people a better future in a globalized economy is something which really finds us in good agreement.”

The two were joined by the Bishop of St Johns and Basseterre, Kenneth Richards, who pointed to the importance of creating opportunities to provide young people with an avenue for self expression and the ability to contribute to the development of the nation.

The youth development project would include several prongs, including a focus on entrepreneurship.

“We ask that God will truly bless this project and that we will trull work together to make it come true,” said Richards, who is based in Antigua.



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