Bahamas Elects Sharon Wilson as Senate President for Second Time

Above: Senator Sharon Wilson is sworn in as Senate President by Christine Brown of the Cabinet Office (BIS Photo/Parick Hanna)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Attorney Sharon Wilson has been elected President of the Bahamian Senate, the first time a woman has been elected twice for the post.

Wilson will be joined by Vice President Joseph Curry.

Both were nominated by Allyson Maynard-Gibson, leader of government business in the Senate.

“Fairness will be our watchword in this place,” she said. “I want you to know that we expect [from senators] the level of decorum which ought to come from this chamber.”

Maynard-Gibson said the upper chamber had “absolute confidence” in Wilson.

“There is no one in the Senate chamber who questions her ability to preside fairly and effectively on behalf of the Bahamian people,” she said. “Undoubtedly, she has earned her place in history.”

Former Education Minister Desmond Bannister has been named the Opposition Leader in the Senate.

“We support your election, which brings a wonderful distinction in having served twice,” he said. “I know that fairness will be your high note.”


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