Grenada Prime Minister: Country Must Change Image of Its Politics


Above: Grenada (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada must change the image of politics in the country, according to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

The PM was speaking at a rally this weekend following his survival of a no-confidence motion brought by Opposition Leader Keith Mitchell.

The country’s politics have been in turmoil following the high-profile resignations of two cabinet officials: Tourism Minister Peter David and Foreign Minister Karl Hood in less than 30 days.

“When politicians do not live up to high standards, the people become skeptical and come to distrust politics and politicians,” he said. “There should never be one standard for the politicians and a different one for the rest of society.”

Thomas also said Grenada’s image abroad still had scars for “flirting with a certain ideology,” in a veiled reference to the country’s 1980s turmoil.

“We have a unique history and have paid a massive price for flirting with a certain ideology in the past,” he said. “Our Grenadian people are now more aware and will not be led down the wrong road.”

Thomas is currently serving as Foreign Minister following Hood’s resignation.


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