Haiti’s Martelly Calls for Unity as Country Celebrates Flag Day


Above: a celebration in Arcahaie (Photos: OP)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haitian President Michel Martelly urged citizens Friday on the necessity of living united, with a “sincere” collaboration that goes beyond individual differences.

Martelly’s call came in Arcahaie as Haiti celebrated Flag Day, the celebration of the creation of the country’s flag.

The President was joined by his wife, Sophia, and new Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, along with people from across the spectrum: lawmakers, clergy, academics and local organizations, among others.

The celebration, which marks the first time a Haitian flag was created 209 years ago (before the country’s independence in 1804), was highlighted by an appeal from the rector of the State University of Haiti, Jean Vernet Henry.

“Why do we expect the misfortunes and disasters to bring us together?” he asked, calling for Haitians to unite and commit to the expansion of the nation. “Why do we not listen to our hearts?”

Martelly placed a wreath on the Place d’Armes of Arcahaie at the foot of the monument of founding father Jean-Jacques Dessalines, and Catherine Flon, the seamstress of the first flag.

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