Grenada PM: “We Will Continue to Achieve Our Goals and Targets”


Above: Prime Minister Tillman Thomas

By the Caribbean Journal staff

With Grenada seeing its second high-profile cabinet resignation in less than a month, Prime Minister Tillman Thomas said his government remained dedicated to the task of running the country.

“Most of you are clearly indicating that as a government, we need to resolutely pursue the business of managing the country effectively and continue to deliver on the commitments we made,” Thomas said in a national address Thursday night. “Let me reassure you that I hear you and am dedicated to that task.”

Thomas, who survived a no-confidence motion brought by the opposition on Tuesday, called the House of Representatives’ vote in his favour a “clear manifestation that we are concerned about the preservation of our democratic institutions, our practices and the sustainability of the peace and stability of our land.”

“It is clearly a call for unity and a new dispensation,” he said.

Hood’s resignation came less than a month after former Tourism Minister Peter David similarly stepped down. Thomas said the government would achieve its goals by “working as a team that is willing, committed and united.”

“It is in [this] context that the members of Cabinet, especially in the Honourable House of Parliament, have to be prepared to demonstrate a sincere desire to put the interest of the nation first and to serve the people as diligently as we all can.”

With the departure of Hood from the cabinet, Thomas said he would assume the Foreign Ministry portfolio in the interim.

“I wish to thank him for his service to this nation and wish him well in his future endeavours,” Thomas said.

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