Guadeloupe’s Victorin Lurel Named France’s New Overseas Minister


Above: New Overseas Minister Victorin Lurel with Marie-Luce Penchard in Paris (Photo: OM)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Victorin Lurel, the President of Guadeloupe’s Regional Council, has been appointed France’s new Minister for the Overseas Departments and Territories.

Lurel will serve in the cabinet under Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and President Francois Hollande.

Lurel actively campaigned for Hollande during the country’s election, in which Hollande turned out strong showing in the country’s overseas territories.

Both are members of the Socialist Party.

Lurel succeeds Marie-Luce Penchard, the former Minister for the Overseas Territories. Penchard has been a regional councillor in Guadeloupe since 2010.

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