Antigua, Continuing Caribbean Trend, Pushes Backyard Gardening


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Continuing a Caribbean trend, Antigua is in the process of launching a backyard gardening programme nationwide.

The project, like several in the region, looks to improve the domestic capacity of food production on the island.

Caribbean nations have been working to improve their agricultural production, both on the commercial and local levels.

St Lucia, for instance, has launched a programme aimed at fighting the problems of non-communicable disease by encouraging gardening.

Barbados, too, is pushing home gardening.

Antigua’s government recently distributed thousands of seedlings to both backyard and commercial farmers on the island, aiming to encourage citizens to improve their own food security.

The government will soon divide Antigua into six zones, with each receiving technical assistance from the government to help cultivate their backyard gardens.

“This backyard garden initiative will help us all to live healthier lives and will help to foster a strong economy,” said Finance Minister Harold Lovell.

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