Grenada PM Holds Talks With NGOs


Above: Grenadian Prime Minister Tillman Thomas

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenadian Prime Minister Tillman Thomas held talks Thursday with leaders of Non Governmental Organisations in the country on a range of issues affecting Grenada’s development.

Thomas said the meeting was part of an effort by the government to maintain contact and dialogue with the NGO community.

“I am really pleased that we are here again to discuss matters and issues that are crucial to our national development,” he said. “I maintain that you are an important part of the democratic process. You must continue to monitor and keep us on track with the commitments we made to the Grenadian people.”

NGO leaders reportedly expressed concern about current political events in Grenada and their impact on the stability and development of the country.

Those developments were led by the high-profile resignation of former Tourism Minister Peter David.

David was ultimately succeeded by Dr George Vincent.

The two sides agreed on the need for the government to protect the heritage of Grenadians by ensuring that the necessary due diligence is undertaken in view of the need for foreign investment.

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