Rum Journal: Trinidad’s Zaya


This week’s Rum Journal takes a look at Zaya, an aged rum from Trinidad.

Zaya Gran Reserva has had a rather varied history.

It began life in Guatemala, distilled by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, where two rum standards, Ron Zacapa, and Ron Botran, are also distilled.

Now, however, Zaya Gran Reserva hails from Trinidad, distilled there by noted manufacturer Angostura using reportedly the same recipe.

The change came when Zaya was acquired by Infinium Spirits, a company whose portfolio includes Crystal Head Vodka and Bafferts Gin, among other notables.

Zaya, which is aged in white oak barrels, is a blend of three to five rums that have each been aged for a minimum of 12 years, and is five times distilled.

The rum’s aroma is quite rich, giving off hints of oak, molasses and the slightest suggestions of orange peel and chocolate.

And the taste? Superb. Zaya is sweeter than many rums, but maintains its complexity, displaying notes of caramel, citrus and toffee.

While some rums are best enjoyed with an ice cube or two, we recommend Zaya neat.