US Virgin Islands Governor Signs Agreement for New St Croix Soccer Facility


By the Caribbean Journal staff

US Virgin Islands Governor John de Jongh has signed an agreement with the USVI Soccer Federation for the development of a new soccer facility in St Croix.

The facility, which will include bleachers, a concession stand, and dressing rooms, still needs its approximately 12-acre lease to be approved by the legislature.

“The lease with the Soccer Federation, coupled with investments we have made through the Department of Housing, Parks and Recreation at various ball fields, tennis courts, tracks and gymnasiums, are all part of ensuring that our young people have access to a wide range of sports and opportunities to develop their talents and foster relationships,” he said.

The leas signing is part of a wider effort by the administration to cultivate sports tourism in the territory, particularly on St Croix.

The agreement follows a high-profile plan to develop a multi-faceted sports complex in Federiksted, which would include a modern baseball stadium.

That project is the product of a joint public-private partnership.