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Haiti’s Young Entrepreneurs Hold Talks With OAS in Washington

Above: the Haitian business delegation (Photo: OAS)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A group of young Haitian businessmen traveled to Washington this week to hold talks with Albert Ramdin, Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States.

The delegation included investors in the tourism, manufacturing and transportation sectors.

“These are young, intelligent and ambitious businessmen, they will lead Haiti into the future,” Ramdin said. “I’m encouraged by their confidence and their drive to improve economic activity in their country.”

The two sides discussed the changes currently taking place in Haiti, and the impact of these changes on the country’s business environment.

The Haitian delegation also spoke of the need for more business partnerships in the region.

“They recognize the challenges in Haiti, but see the opportunities for growth equally,” Ramdin said.

The Assistant Secretary General will be making a trip to Haiti this week.

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