Montserrat Police Service Under Review


Above: Montserrat

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Royal Montserrat Police Force is currently undergoing a review by a team led by Foreign and Commonwealth Office Law Enforcement Advisor, Larry Covington.

Governor Adrian Davis, with the approval of the Cabinet, agreed to invite an outside team to review the operations at the police service following incidents that have led to internal reviews of police officers and the resignation of Paul Morris, Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The three-man team includes Covington, Alwin James, the Acting Deputy Commissioner from the British Virgin Islands and Deputy Commissioner Tony Ennis from the Cayman Islands.

The team will meet with a range of people aimed at making recommendations to support the Royal Montserrat Police Force by looking at strategic, tactical and operational competencies of the force.

In December, two officers were arrested for alleged misconduct; one was suspended and the other received compulsory leave.

A public version of the team’s report will be made available, according to Davis’ office.

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