Barbados Approves Climate Change Policy


Above: Barbados (Photo: BT)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Barbados’ cabinet has approved the country’s new National Climate Change Policy as it puts a greater focus on environmental issues.

The primary goal of the policy is to set up a national process for adapting to the effects of climate change and to minimize greenhouse emissions over the short, medium and long term in a manner consistent with Barbados’ broader aspirations of sustainable development.

The policy is designed to establish a mechanism to respond to climate change and to engage in climate negotiations on the regional and global stage.

Nationally, the plan aims to continue institutional, administrative and legislative improvements to mitigate climate change and adapt as Barbados seeks green economy status, according to the government.

It is the latest green move for the country, which last month announced the development of a $377 million green energy complex, the centerpiece of which will transform solid waste into energy.

Barbados has already undertaken several climate projects at the regional levee, from the Review of the Economics of Climate Change in the Caribbean to the Implementation Plan of the Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilience to Climate Change, which is being conducted by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre.