In Montserrat, a Boost for Music


Above: Montserrat’s students at the seven-day workshop

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Montserrat’s young musicians got a boost earlier this month with a seven-day workshop conducted by the island’s Department of Culture.

A total of 31 students from the Montserrat Secondary School and all of Monsterrat’s local primary schools completed the course, which was led by Herman “Cupid” Francis, head of the Department of Culture.

“Our island’s culture has a future,” said Jermaine Wade, Parliamentary Secretary, who said he was happy to see so many youngsters in Montserrat taking the time to spend their Easter break learning a new instrument.

The Montserratian students learned piano, guitar, violin, trombone, drums and clarinet, with their work culminating in a performance at the old Salem Primary School building.

The programme was funded by the Montserrat Tourist Board.

Herman Francis’ brother Lloyd “Bimsha” Francis taught the guitar students.

The students were invited to continue their instrumental studies by joining the Small Beginnings Band, which meets in Salem each week.

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