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Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño Releases Tax Return for 2011

Above: Governor Fortuño in a meeting in Puerto Rico last week (Photo: LFP)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño released his tax returns Wednesday, with the Governor and his wife, Lucé Vela, reporting a taxable income of $298,907, for a combined tax liability of $83,761.

At the time of filing, the Govenor said in a press release that no payment was included as they had overpaid.

The release of his tax filings, as Fortuño has done previously, will be placed on the Web site of his party, Fortaleza.

He also filed a report to the Office of Government Ethics, which is required each year for public servants in Puerto Rico.

Fortuño has been mentioned as a potential vice presidential candidate for the U.S. Republican party.

He has endorsed Republican Candidate Mitt Romney as the party’s nominee.

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