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Haiti and France to Strengthen Collaboration With New Initiative

Above: Haitian Interior Minister Thierry Mayard-Paul

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A group of Haitian delegates will soon head to France as part of a new initiative between the two countries’ Ministries of Interior.

Following talks between Haitian Interior Minister Thierry Mayard-Paul and Jean Dussourd, Representative for the French Interior Ministry in Haiti, the delegates will be visiting France as a way of strengthening collaboration and information exchange.

“The proposal to bring Haitian delegates to France for learning and best practices sharing accelerates our strategic goals for evaluating what is working in other countries,” said Mayard-Paul. “In this way, we can develop Haitian-branded programmes based on the lessons from our counterparts as we work towards decentralization and job creation.”

Haiti has been rolling out a new decentralization plan aimed at moving power out of the capital and into the hands of municipalities and communes.

“Working together, we can glean valuable insights from shared, participatory experiences, delegate to delegate, that will benefit the Haitian people and communities throughout the country,” Dussourd said in a statement.

Dussourd will reportedly be organizing the visits to France, which should begin in April.

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