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Mitt Romney Wins Puerto Rico Primary, Thanks Governor Luis Fortuño

Above: Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

By the Caribbean Journal staff

United States Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney won the Puerto Rico Republic Primary Sunday, topping Rick Santorum and the rest of the Republican field.

Romney, who reportedly won by more than half of the vote, accordingly won the entirety of Puerto Rico’s 20 delegates.

Puerto Rico statehood became a major issue during the brief primary campaign in Puerto Rico.

In addition, the question of English as the official language for the United States territory also was a significant talking point.

Romney’s win in the primary gave him what is rapidly becoming a commanding lead in the Republic presidential race.

“Ann [Romney’s wife] and I are deeply grateful to Governor Fortuño, his wife Lucé Vela, and the good people of Puerto Rico for their support and help in winning the Republican primary,” Romney said in a post on social media.

Fortuno, a Republican, has been mentioned by some as a potential vice presidential candidate.

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