Singapore Signals Intent to Enhance Relations With Caribbean Community


Above: Singapore Ambassador to CARICOM Kemal Siddique and CARICOM SG Irwin LaRocque (Photo: CARICOM)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Following a wave of interest from Asian countries in the Caribbean region, Singapore is signaling its intent to deepen relations with CARICOM countries.

This week, Kemal Siddique, Singapore’s first Ambassador to CARICOM, received his accreditation in Georgetown, saying Singapore “does not take the support of our Caribbean friends for granted.”

“Like many of CARICOM’s Member States, we are a small country,” he said. “And like many of your Member States as well, we are a small island state. We have successfully and productively worked together to further our common concerns at international fora such as the United Nations and the Forum of Small States.”

According to Siddique, the country has long been interested in the region, dating back to the establishment of diplomatic ties with Trinidad and Tobago in 1971.

He said he was looking forward to working with the CARICOM Secretariat and individual member states.


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