Rum Journal: Dos Maderas PX: Guyanese and Bajan Rums Grow Up in Spain


Welcome to CJ Rum Journal, a new feature that examines the world of the Caribbean’s favourite spirit.

We begin with a look (and a taste) of a special premium rum out of Guyana and Barbados, by way of Spain: Dos Maderas PX.

Dos Maderas PX is not your typical Caribbean rum. It, in fact, leads two lives, and is considerably well-traveled. A blend of Bajan and Guyanese rums, it begins its life in the Caribbean, where it spends five years aging, before making the trip to Spain for another three.

In Spain, the rum ages at the Williams & Humbert facilities in Jerez in casks that previously housed Dos Cortados sherry.

At last, it undergoes a third stage of aging — in American oak barrels with two decades of experience aging another sherry, Don Guido.

Dos Maderas (“Two Woods”) is an exceptional rum. While it certainly takes on a character of sherry, it is not overpowered by it. Indeed, it nearly reminds of port.

With a dark, reddish-brown hue, most apparent in Dos Maderas PX are notes of black cherry with a hint of vanilla.

We recommend it with a few ice cubes, and preferably near a palm tree. –CJ

Rum: Dos Maderas PX
Origin: Guyana/Barbados/Spain
Company: Williams and Humbert


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