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Haiti’s President, Joined by Sean Penn, Talks Development in Jean-Rabel

Above: Martelly with Sean Penn in Jean-Rabel (Photo: OP)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haitian President Michel Martelly, joined by Prime Minister-Designate Laurent Lamothe and actor and Ambassador-at-large Sean Penn, talked development Wednesday at a conference in the city of Jean-Rabel.

Martelly was speaking at a forum under the theme “Prospects for Regional Development” held at the Nouveau Kiskeya hotel and attended by lawmakers, including Senators Evaliere Beauplan and Lucas St-Vil.

In a speech to the forum, the President said he was ready to realize the infrastructure projects currently under implementation in the country, particularly for those in the northwestern portion of the country.

The meeting sought to provide a platform for those in the Northwest to voice their concerns and problems.

Representatives of 39 northwestern communities attended the forum.

Martelly said he pledged to support the construction of a tourism complex at the Nouveau Kiskeya, a project initiated by Pastor Robert Illusse.

Penn, who also joined a Haitian delegation during a visit to Venezuela in February, was named a Haitian Ambassador-at-large by Martelly earlier this year.

His J/P HRO charity has been doing a significant amount of relief and recovery work in the country, based in the area of Delmas 32.

Lamothe, who was appointed as Prime Minister-Designate after the resignation of Garry Conille, still awaits confirmation, meaning Haiti remains without a formal government.

The Haitian Parliament rejected two picks by Martelly for the post before confirming Conille in October.

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